A bit about Cobalt and Stone

I’m still putting blue and white stripes

Hello, my name is Sarah!


I could say something like 'we at Cobalt and Stone', but actually it's me that designs, makes, fires, glazes and dispatches the pots.

That's good news for you because it means that I have my beady eyes on every pot that emerges from the kiln.  Quality control is everything.

My interest in ceramics goes back years, my kitchen shelves are testament to that!  But it was during my career in catering  that it began to really bother me that I could never find the perfect pot, plate or dish.  Everything was too big, too chunky, too ugly or the wrong colour.  I wanted to create a range of homeware that would be useful enough to use every day and would also look elegant.  So I embarked on a pottery course.  I have never looked back.

My homeware range now extends beyond the kitchen into every room in the house, and into the garden, another area where I felt that there was a need for some useful and decorative ceramics.

C E R A M I C - S T U D I O